HEY HAROLD! “Hey Harold”said the class as we ran towards the Life  education bus. Today we are going to be Learning about how to Keep Safe while your online. Always have a Password so nobody can go and find personal information about you or your Family. your password should always be complex or unique so its more difficult to guess it . boost your network security now that your passwords Are safer and make sure your connections are Secure. click smart make sure you don't run into with careless clicking. And that's your lesson for today poroporoaki!!!

Year 6 Muriwai

Welcome to Muriwai On the 5 of December the year 6 students had an awesome trip to Muriwai for a swim and a fun day. On the way to Muriwai their was lots of singing like wheels on the bus go round and round all day long, a,b,c,d and twinkle twinkle  little star.
When we got there we greeted Nick, Pary’s and Molly. After we said hello they tort us about rips and rip tides. Before you know it we we’re Playing games like octopus, and played with the boogie boards when we got to the beach. Swimming was so fun as we expecded
By Jet and Prague

Muriwai 2018

Wet Wet-suit Wonder On Wednesday the 5th of December the year 6’s of St Francis Catholic School in Pt Chevalier went
on a school trip to Muriwai Beach. After the long bus trip, we were given a introduction to the
instructors, Parys, Nick and Molly and a safety briefing. Then we learnt a bit about rips before going
on a tour of the surf club. Break and change time next to change into our wet suits for the
‘beach games’ on the grass such as Octopus and ‘sea’ rescue. In ‘sea’ rescue a rescuer
ran and clipped a patient into a floating rescue thingy and run back for the next person in the
relay team. Then we went for a swim! Yay! We split into two groups with one doing body boarding
with Molly and one doing wading and duck-diving. Then lunch and change time and a bit more
education on rips to a bus trip home. Bye!
By Noah and Harrison

Muriwai. Fun In The Surf

Muriwai Trip 2018 On the 5th of December the year 6’s of Saint Francis catholic took a trip to Muriwai. The bus ride was fun, until the girls all started to sing “Let It Go”. When we got there the lifeguards explained what we were going to do throughout the day.      The first activity was a tour. We saw the medical room and the comms room. The medical room had all sorts of things like oxygen kits, vomit bags 😷😷, a machine that can bring your heart back to life when you have a heart attack and bandages. In the comms room there were a whole bunch of walkie-talkies, a phone and a drone that would scan the beach and see if people were in trouble. This drone was special to Muriwai  because it was the first of its kind and Muriwai was testing it for the other beaches.       After that the lifeguards told us about rips and how to spot them.    Next we had our morning tea, which was cut because had to get changed.     Next we played some “beach games,” which were really grass games because …

Life Education Caravan😊

Happy Harold At the life education caravan we learn about, well, life I guess. We learn who we should trust by separating an A team, B team, C team and a Stink team. Our A team are trusted adults and family. B team is close and trusted friends, C team is our less trusted friends and our Stink team is our MORTAL(or not so MORTAL) enemies. We learnt to stay on the good side of the line in life and about personalities. And we also learnt that Harold the Giraffe would rather ‘tidy his room’ than speak to us. Overall it was a valuable way to spend our afternoon.

By Noah

Ukuleles everywhere

Kiwi Ukulele Festival 2018 On the 17 of November at 12 the ukuleles started and all you could hear was the lovely music St Francis kids were playing with other schools.St Francis wore yellow. It was very colorful. The food there was really nice. It was at Trust Arena West Auckland.Jacky Clark was the MC this year.St Francis and the other schools played lots of songs with their ukuleles.Some students brought their parents and so did I.In my conclusion the Ukulele Festival is a nice and peaceful event that happens every year. Angelo Room 6

K for K

Kids For Kids 2018
Kids 4 Kids 6th of November 2018. One of the best nights ever. With the 2 most enthusiastic and talented singers ever. Nathan King and Jackie Clark My favourite part was when we were dancing and just going WILD. Jackie and Nathan made it 100 times better,they were singing beautifully and the enthusiasm coming from them and the crowd was AMAZING. All around i think it was one of the best nights ever..