Market fair

“Hey you over there! Come and get your smoothie” On the 5th of September, St Francis School held  a Market fair. The Market fair went on for an hour and a half.                   All the stalls were SO busy and were selling out fast! My group were doing smoothies and we were getting on so well just like kiwis do! As soon as the clock struck 5:00, our group was set to work. Taking orders, filling cups and much more! That night, the smoothies stall made $258. The stall in our class, that made the most money was the nachos. They raised $569! Our class altogether, raised $2536! So as you can see, Market Fair was a BIG success!


Room 6 learning

Something We’ve Learnt

How do you work out how big a Cadbury milk chocolate bar is? well, lucky you.

Today we learnt how to work out the Surface Area and Volume of a 3D shape.

To work out the volume you do the base x the height x length.
For example if

Base= 4 Height=3 Length= 5

The volume would be 60 because 4 x 3=12 and 12 x 5=60.

To work out the surface area you do base x height on all faces [a cube has 6 faces] then add all the sides and you’ve got your surface volume! For example if

Two sides - base= 3 and height = 4 then those two sides=      Two sides - base= 4 and height = 4 then those two = Last two sides - base = 4 and height = 2

Your surface area = 36 because 12+16+8=36
Thank you

Class trip

Our class trip to the Aotea centre! On Friday the 31st of August, the three senior
classes went on a school trip to the Aotea centre.
It was a blast of fun and an amazing experience!!
The first thing we did, was watch a modernised
play called “Spinderella”. Spinderella had to be
one of my favourites. Our second play we watched
was called “Sightings”, which was about a young
girl who found one of her grandmothers greenstone
s, and had courage from her Great Aunt who was
a great warreria. The last play we watched, was a
play called “ The Golden Pig”. The Golden Pig, is about a selfish king and an
uncaring butcher who wants money,food and magic
to themselves. Friday was an AMAZING day and I wish that we
could watch the plays ALL over again!
From Aimee and Cate

The totally awesome kitchen blog.

This week in the splendid kitchen we had a blast. We made Apple flowers we rolled out the pastry
and piled on cinnamon and sugar, we microwaved
thinly sliced apples and tested them for bendiness
then we laid them out nicely and put them on the
sugar coated pastry We rolled them up to make them look like roses
put them in a tray and putmoorrrreeeecinnamon
on the product.

GROSS we had to chop up vegetables and put
them in a soup why so healthy? 2 minutes later
OMG I'm going to eat healthy for the rest of my little life
this soup is too die for.

The maori bread was delicious we added
yyyyyyyyyyyy Too much baking soda it rose so much that it was
even more yum and delicious .



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